Desert Safari in Dubai

5 Things You Must Do During Desert Safari Dubai!

Desert Safari is a very famous activity that every tourist loves to do when they visit in Dubai. How can you imagine your vacations to ace without giving Desert Safari Dubai a chance? Well, here I am going to enlist the 5 things you must do while you are enjoying your Desert Safari as they will refresh your vacations even more. Firstly, Desert Safari is a long time requiring activity so you really do get to make so many memories with your companions and even many new friends that might be from different countries.  So let’s start counting down the things now.

Camel Riding:

Yes! Camel riding is one thing that you get to try out in Desert Safari Dubai and you really should. It is such a unique experience to get on top of a camel and look around you to get amused by Mother Nature. A huge number of companies will provide you with this exquisite activity in Dubai. An activity to really go for.

Dune Bashing:

Desert Safari in Dubai, what does it remind you of? Some adventures in sand dunes! Exactly! This is what you get to enjoy in Desert Dune Bashing. World’s most trusted and well-known vehicles are used in this activity. Especially, Hummer Sand Dune Bashing is also widely provided during Desert Safari in Dubai. Such a golden opportunity to sit in a Hummer and bash the sand dunes of Dubai, isn’t it? We can totally understand your excitement! It’s an adventurous experience that worth every penny.

Sand Boarding:

 Its name exhibits a lot to be very honest but actually it’s so much more fun to try it out. Even if you are bad at skateboarding but always wanted to try it out then this can be your one golden chance to experience the thrill. You are given a ski board on top of a sand dune and you ride it on the dunes till you either fall or ace it like a PRO! Reality check: Ain’t no bruises or cuts even if you fall from your ski board because of the soft sand that you’ll be surfing on.

Live Shows:

 Whichever tourism company you choose, make sure to check the range of Live Shows they provide during your Desert Safari in Dubai. There is a variety of shows full of entertainment that you can enjoy. In Dubai, especially due to an enormous amount of tourists throughout the year, you can enjoy many live shows to make you feel like a Royal Arab. These shows may include Tanura performance and Belly Dance. Both depicting the artistic side of Dubai. you surely would love watching them.

Drive a Vehicle Yourself:

You can drive a car yourself in the desert and enjoy the sand dunes. It really is so exciting and something YOU CAN FLAUNT about in front of your friends. A little nervousness is totally understandable in this activity as not everyone gets to drive a car in the desert but then you get this chance in Desert Safari, Dubai.  So, these were our most favorite 5 things that you must try when you go for Desert Safari Dubai. Now, book yourself a tour and ENJOY!


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