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Everything About Riding the Ship of Desert

If you are planning to give Camel Ride a try that you MUST do once in your life then here is all that you need to know about it. Camels have been one main source of transport in the desert areas. They are strong, tall, and aesthetically so Arabic. Whenever you go to some beach or a desert safari this is one SURE thing you would want to experience. Different camels are trained and given proper attention so that they can be ridden by you. It is such a royal and fun experience that’ll make you feel like the ancient times just came to peek-a-boo you.

How they are made suitable for Ship of Desert:

Camels of different types are grown under professional care. Their food and health are some of the major concerns of the owners. When camels are grown enough to be suitable for Camel Riding, they are trained well to get rode by you in the beautiful areas of Arab. So, there is nothing to be afraid of you are in safe hands.


  • We surely aren’t habitual of Camel Ride as its once in a blue moon extremely memorable thing. So, here are some of the things you MUST know before going for Camel Riding.
  • Camel riding is so not like riding a car or a bike. You should be mentally prepared to have a bumpy and even uncomfortable ride Ship of Desert.
  • The fun thing is that it’s the one time when you yourself learn to be comfortable with the situation.
  • Do not resist yourself against the way that camel is swaying you. Just go with the flow and enjoy the wind rejuvenating your soul.
  • As it’s the desert activity you must make sure that you dress accordingly. Your dress should be long and comfortable that can cover your whole body so that you don’t get sunburn.
  • Another concern is taking care of your skin. Make sure you carry a good sunblock with you that can block all the harmful radiations out there.
  • Stay hydrated! You wouldn’t like being fainted out during Camel Ride.

Things to do while Camel Riding:

  • First of all, get yourself comfortable. It might take a few minutes as NO ONE is habitual of it.
  • Take out your selfie-sticks and take as many classy Arab pictures as you can. Why not flaunt it, right?
  • Love nature? Perfect! Look around and enjoy the beach or sand around you. The wind will definitely please you. Enjoy your time with Mother Nature.
  • Get to know your Ship of Desert ride. Ask about their breed and food from the professional trainer.

People who should NOT try Camel Riding:

  • The kids who are under 3-4 years of age.
  • The pregnant women.
  • The people who have their back problems or hip bone issues.

We know it’s kind of vacation ruining to know that it’s not good for you to ride them but health is wealth, right?

That’s all from us. Do share your Ship of Desert, camel riding experiences with us!

Best of Luck!

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