dune bashing while desert safari

Feels of being an Arab

Desert Safari is an exciting experience. The atmosphere you get to enjoy and the all the fun activities that come along with this tour is absolutely mesmerizing. Dubai is the center of Desert Safari in this world and a reason for tourist attraction too. It is one of the best chances that you get to experience the lives that Arabs live and it truly makes you feel like an Arab too. Today we are going to share some things that you do during Evening Desert Safari and it makes you want to speak like an Arab.

The activities may vary from one offer to another but every offer has its own amazing benefits. That is why Evening Desert Safari is the one tour that you surely should go for when you visit Dubai. In these packages, one thing is assured to the tourists and that is FUN! The stack of photographs will make this tour unforgettable for you.

  • Camel Riding:

One of the old customs of the ancestors of Arabs has been camel riding. They have been using camels for their transportation purposes as it’s widely known as the ‘Ship of the Desert’. During Evening Desert Safari you get the opportunity of riding a camel and feel like a Royal Arab. An activity that is must for everyone who gives this tour a go!

  • The Dresses & Food:

The dresses and food provided by the tour company is the essence of Arabic lifestyle and comfortable as well. For every person who loves their gowns and pretty dresses, Evening Safari Dubai gives you the pleasure of this too. The food is purely Arabic cuisine and a variety of dishes are provided for your refreshment.

  • The Henna Painting:

Henna painting is one of the oldest traditions of Arabs and the most loved one too. Beautiful intricate floral designs are made on hands and feet that enhance their beauty in the Arabs way. Its aroma and beauty, everything will make you love the Arabic lifestyle you’ll get to live.

  • The Amusement Shows:

A variety of live shows are provided to the tourists that depict the true Arab culture. These live shows include their folk dances as well as their entertainment shows. From Tanura shows to the Belly dance shows you get the taste of real Arab entertainment during Evening Desert Safari.

  • The Tents & Atmosphere:

The tents provided there for your rest are luxurious and comfortable in their own Arabic way. The tour guides and everyone around will make you feel like you were a true born Arab and that’s one of the most amusing things. You get to experience the lavish Arab life in just one tour!

These all things are surely interesting but you can never evaluate the amount of entertainment and adventure that comes with it. Experiencing this tour is just another thing to feel. The thrilling activities that you do during this one tour can fill up your Instagram for a year. Make pictures, make memories and surely be an Arab when you go for Evening Desert Safari.

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