camel in dubai desert

The Best Desert Safari for you!

Desert Safari is one adventurous activity that Dubai offers you along with so many privileges that no matter how many times you chose this adventure; you’ll never get over it. Well, there so many reasons behind it and if you have already gone for this splendid adventure then you’ll be sure why I am praising it so much. Desert Safari is made perfect for you after putting so much effort in it. It is a full package of wonders, adventures and soul soothing activities. This is why it is always the Best Desert Safari!

How it all happens:

Desert Safari is an exquisite explore to the desert and a gateway to discover so many things that you can enjoy in a desert. Normally, we people do consider deserts boring. I know right! But the Best Desert Safari is the thing that can change your thoughts. It tells you how much more the desert offers you than its sand dunes and high temperature. Now let’s share some of the adventurous activities that the Best Desert Safari offers you!

  1. Adventure!

On the part of adventure, Desert Safari has so much to offer you. It starts and then it just goes on until you feel like it could not get any better and then there is even more than adventure. The mashed up entertainment and adventures make everything so perfect in this tour. The adventurous activities provided are here as follows:

  • Quad Bike Riding:

The first activity that you can count your money on is Quad Bike Riding. It is one lavish sport and you are surely going to enjoy it.

  • Sand Boarding:

This is one famous sport but in desert it has a twist in it. You guessed it right! It’s the desert so no bruises or wounds even if you fall cause the sand grains gotcha!

  • Desert Dune Bashing:

This one very luxurious ride will not only be on the dunes of sand rather it will be bashing them hard. So, you can only imagine the fun by sitting in your home. One thing that I think everyone should try once in their lifetime.

  • Camel Riding:

On a soother but raw side, you have a very traditional camel ride. This ride is not as smooth as it looks and might make you weary too as we are not habitual of riding camels. But it’s worth trying.

  1. Entertainment & Dinner:

The entertainment that Best Desert Safari provides you includes:

  • Live Tanoura Shows.
  • Live Belly Dance Shows.
  • Beautiful Arab Dresses to wear for the day
  • Henna Painting
  • A moment to indulge with other tourists
  • Capture so many pictures and memories.

These shows are utterly amazing and such a sight to remember forever.

The dinner that you are served with is Arabic cuisine Buffet Dinner and every dish that you are served with will make you fall in love with that region even more. From appetizers to the delicious dishes you get everything on your Best Desert Safari.

Bonus Things: In your Desert Safari adventure you are quenched properly and a wide range of soft drinks, water and even snacks is available for you whenever you want them.

We wish you have your own Best Desert Safari adventure soon!

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