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Dhow Cruise Creek

If you are traveling Dubai for the first time, then Dhow Cruise Creek is the destination meant for you. Cruising for two hours straight from Bur Dubai and Deira is surely a fascinating experience for tourists.

Having said that. Dubai Dhow Cruise Creek is a long unique boat designed for families to enjoy dinner and other activities in the water. In addition to that, the two hours long tour will allow you to see scenic views of the city’s skyscrapers at night.

Taking Dhow to the ride surely has a traditional and cultural touch from Dubai. You’ll get along with the traditions of ancient Arabs as you’ll be enjoying different activities in a boat that were used in the past for traveling purposes.

Activities to Enjoy in Dhow Cruise Creek

There are several activities to enjoy as the full tour is 2-hours long. Hence, along with many entertainments, you’ll be getting many opportunities to ensure a thrilling cruising experience.

1. Tanoura Show at Cruise Creek

Tanoura Show commonly known as Tanoura Dance is a traditional dancing style usually done by Dervish and Sufi people. Tanoura dance at the creek is done by professionals who are surely going to catch your attraction.
So, you will be starting the cruising with a mesmerizing traditional dance of ancient Arabs. This is what Dhow Cruise is all about. One thing will be sure that once you confirm to travel the destination, you’ll come across many cultural norms of the Arab society.

2. Scenic Night Views Can be Snapped

Cruising at Dubai Creek is going to offer you much more than you would expect. Keep in mind that Dubai’s real beauty comes out at night especially when you are traveling right in the middle of the city and the water is surrounded by tall buildings.
The scenes are going to make quite a view for the tourists. So, we’ll be recommending you to carry a camera whenever you are about to visit Dhow Cruise at Dubai Creek.

3. Enjoy Delicious Dinner at the Cruise

While you are traveling around the city at night with your loved ones, that would be the best time to enjoy a memorable dinner including traditional Arab dishes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
Right in the heart of the sea where the moon shines at fullest and the scenic views of tall buildings are just slaying the vibes, you will be enjoying a calm and soothing dinner experience with your family or your other half.
Don’t miss this opportunity once you have made your mind for cruising at Dubai Creek.

4. Relaxing to Melodic Sounds

Background Music are available on the cruise. Right when you are done with dance demonstrations buffet and snapping the scenic night views, you can just lie down and relax to the melodic songs in Hindi, Urdu and Arabic.
Dhow Cruise is a refreshing travel destination. That’s the main reason you’ll find traditional dancers and live Arabic singers to soothe your soul and mind in the best possible manner.

5. Exploring Ancient Arab Culture

Last but not least, if you are more interested in exploring Ancient Arab culture, then this tour is the best possible way to discover it. Dhow Cruises are specially designed internally and externally, according to the cultural traditions of ancient Arabs.
The architecture, dancing demonstrations, dinner buffets, and live singers all are working hard to keep the Arabic traditions alive in Dubai. So, if you aren’t interested in the lavishes offered by Dubai City, then Dhow Cruise should be a must-try tour for you.

Dhow Cruise Creek Deals

Creek Dhow Cruise​

Dhow Cruise Creek

What’s include

Dhow Cruise Creek includes the below mentioned activities.

Welcome Juice

2 Hours Cruising

Buffet Dinner (Veg & non-Veg)

Background Music

Tanura Dance

Smoking at Upper Deck


Pick Up
5:00 PM and 8:30 PM
2:00 Hours Approx
Creek Bay, Deira Dubai

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Dress code for Desert Safari, anything specific to wear?

We recommend you to wear normal comfortable cloths.
For Boys: Shorts or Cotton Pants withT-Shirts.
For Girls: Shalwar Kamiz, or Pants & T-Shirts

How can I pay for Desert Safari Tour?

We accept cash payments upon pickup and you can also send it to our bank account via online transfer.

How can I book the Private Desert Safari tour?
We do arrange private tours, Please Call or WhatsApp at +971526565207 to arrange a special private tour upon your request.
Photography and Videogrpahy is allowed in Desert Safari?

There is no restrictions of photography, you can also do the videography while the live shows are being performed such as Belly Dance etc. You can take pictures while you’re in Desert.

Can I book Desert Safari tour on behalf of a Friend?

There is no problem booking on behalf of someone. You can book with their details such as email, phone and Hotel details for pick and drop and they can pay upon pickup.

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Creek Dhow Cruise​

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