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Dhow Cruise Marina

Cruising at Dubai Marina is one of the most soothing and relaxing experiences you’ll ever come across and we are not exaggerating anything at all. Dhow Cruise Marina available at Dubai Marina surely is going to change our perspective of surfing through the sea.

Dubai Marina is a whole new world within the city. With restaurants, cafes and much more to enjoy, the one activity that we’ll be referring you today is Cruising in the Marina.

It would be the best two hours that you are going to spend at Marina. Moreover, if you are interested in bringing in your wife or family, the Marina is surely going to welcome you royally.

A delicious and tasty dinner is being set for you just below the moonlight surrounded by skyscrapers at night. Not only that, the sky there is completely clear and full of twinkling stars that are going to provide you enough relaxation for sure.

Fun Things to Enjoy at Dhow Cruise Marina

A two-hour tour looks long, isn’t it? How are you going to enjoy it? Worry not as we’ll be mentioning some fun activities for you to get along in one of the most beautiful cruising experiences.

1. Start Your Adventure with Welcoming Drinks

Yeah, you heard it right. Right after you step inside a Dhow Cruise at Dubai Marina, you will be welcomed with traditional and sophisticated drinks to start this amazing venture.
The cultural juices offered at Dhow Cruise are extremely delicious and we will be recommending you to try each drink to get the cultural taste that the city offers.
Plus, the perk of enjoying a drink at Dubai Marina’s Cruise is that you’ll be observing fascinating views at night. The water route goes through canal city featuring skyscrapers that offer a whole new level of enjoyment at night.

2. Buffet Dinner Under the Moonlight

Right after some time, there will be a 5-star dinner buffet ready for you. You can choose whatever you want from the food menu in this regard. Contrary to that, keep in mind that food is available both for vegetarian and non-vegetarian peeps.
The buffet is also a mix up of both traditional and modern dishes. You can experience dining from a completely different perspective. As the cruise moves forward slowly, you’ll be getting along with fascinating Dubai City views. While the bright moonlight will be adding more value to the charm of that night.

3. Get Relaxed with Music

Background music is available for tourists to get completely immersed in the views surrounding them. Soft Music are available at the cruise who have a soothing melodic music and they’re mostly Arabic, Hindi and Urdu songs and tunes.

4. Dhow Cruise Marina is for Photography

Last but not least, don’t forget to take a DSLR camera with you whenever you visit the Marina for cruising. No one knows when are you going to be back for Dhow Cruise. That’s the reason you should try to capture every moment you experience here.
Right when you are cruising in the waters via canal city, you’ll get along with the likes of Pal Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina Yacht Club, and Burj Al Arab. You won’t be missing an opportunity to capture the Fascinations of Dubai. So, a DSLR camera is a must for making this trip as memorable as possible.

Dhow Cruise Creek Deals

Marina Dhow Cruise​

Dhow Cruise Marina

What’s include

Dhow Cruise Marina includes the below mentioned activities.

Welcome Juice

2 Hours Cruising

Buffet Dinner (Veg & non-Veg)

Background Music

Tanura Dance

Smoking at Upper Deck


Pick Up
5:00 PM and 8:30 PM
2:00 Hours Approx
Dubai Marina

Why Dhow Cruise Marina?

he tour comprising of two long hours is best suited for

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Dress code for Desert Safari, anything specific to wear?

We recommend you to wear normal comfortable cloths.
For Boys: Shorts or Cotton Pants withT-Shirts.
For Girls: Shalwar Kamiz, or Pants & T-Shirts

How can I pay for Desert Safari Tour?

We accept cash payments upon pickup and you can also send it to our bank account via online transfer.

How can I book the Private Desert Safari tour?
We do arrange private tours, Please Call or WhatsApp at +971526565207 to arrange a special private tour upon your request.
Photography and Videogrpahy is allowed in Desert Safari?

There is no restrictions of photography, you can also do the videography while the live shows are being performed such as Belly Dance etc. You can take pictures while you’re in Desert.

Can I book Desert Safari tour on behalf of a Friend?

There is no problem booking on behalf of someone. You can book with their details such as email, phone and Hotel details for pick and drop and they can pay upon pickup.

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