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Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Tour Overview

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai is something spectacular and completely different. Having said that, arriving at the desert in the morning is going to be a wonderful traveling experience for you for sure.

Activities like Dune Bashing at the Dubai’s Red Sand, Quad Biking, Camel Riding, Photography and Sand Boarding are available when you visit the desert at the early mornings.

Visiting the Desert in the Morning at that time will ensure that you might be able to explore the desert in the best possible manner.

Activities to Enjoy in Morning Desert Safari

As we have mentioned above, the traveling experience is something else when you visit the desert in the morning. There are different activities for you to enjoy as soon as you reach your destination.

Dune Bashing

After getting done with a heavy breakfast from the company, the next activity for you is Dune bashing. High-quality land cruisers with 4×4 tuning are provided by the company.
Expert drivers are available who are going to let you enjoy the thrill of the desert in the best possible manner. Dune bashing becomes a splendid activity especially if you are visiting the safari in early hours.

Quad Biking

Morning desert safari offers quad biking as an adventure to go through the desert while driving a four-wheeled bike. That being said, the best time to enjoy quad-biking is in the morning when the desert is still cool.
Making your way through the dunes of the safari is one of the best feelings you’ll experience in a while. In addition to that, driving the bike around the desert will be giving you a whole new perspective to see the desert. Don’t miss this opportunity especially if you are visiting the safari in the morning.

Camel Riding

Camel riding is a cultural activity offered at the safari. It will allow you to get closer to the ancient Arab culture as they used to travel via camels throughout the desert.
Camel riding activity is perfect for individuals as well as couples. Many foreign tourists crave to ride on a camel at least once to explore the ancient Dubai culture perfectly.


Sandboarding is just like snowboarding except that you’ll be roaming around the desert this time. Morning desert safari allows you to feel the dunes from a closer perspective this time.
Having said that, sandboarding is an extreme sport meant for peasants who are always looking for thrilling activities. You can experience how the sand feels while surfing through it for sure.

A Convenient and Memorable Trip to the Morning Desert Safari

With us, get ready to wander across the vast acres of the Morning Desert Safari in UAE. This ride is conducted in the morning, and you are picked up in a convenient manner from your location in a comfortable car that takes you towards the desert to kick off your day with the best of energy. The Morning Desert Safari Dubai session starts off with dune bashing that lasts for around 45 minutes on the breathtaking dunes of the morning Safari Dubai.

Using sand boards, you are allowed to ski the dunes and experience a roller coaster ride. This sport is ideal for people who love taking part in adventurous rides and especially those who appreciate sports at a faster speed. You also get a chance to ride a camel across the early morning Desert Safari and witness a lasting, unforgettable experience of your life. You also get to see some amazing sights showing up the beautiful, rich Arabian culture and its true values.

All You Need to Know About Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Taking a long, aspiring journey always boosts up your inner morale. Have you ever desired an early morning tour that speeds up your day and makes you feel the very best? Early morning Desert Safari is the best option in this case. The desert itself is unique and offers many attractions and facilities to the visitors, winning the hearts of many who love to revisit it.

Morning Desert Safari is not only famous for its dune bashing experience, but it also mesmerizes the visitors with its breathtaking views. Desert drive, live barbeque, and camel riding also add up to your exquisite experience. The early morning desert safari Dubai silence fills your heart with peace and makes you feel fresh. The early sunshine lightens up the whole desert and gives you hope to start the new day with the best of everything. Below are some of the reasons why people go for choosing this dessert as an entertainment option:

Enthralling Ride across the Sand Dunes

It’s time to experience a speedy ride across the red sand dunes that are waiting for you to explore the beauty of spell-bounding landscapes. The beauty of sand dunes is worth spending money on. You can also enjoy the benefits of the campsite, live barbeque, and charming Arabian music that makes up the environment even more lively.

Experience of Riding an SUV Car

With morning Safari Dubai, you can get an exclusive ride of your favourite SUV cars, such as a hummer or land cruiser. These cars are not only beautiful in exterior looks, but also offer a smooth riding experience that is secure enough and fills your journey with endless joyous moments. All the vehicles are well-maintained with safety gear to ensure a safe, smooth ride.

Depicting the True Arabian Culture

Morning Desert Safari itself exhibits numerous cultural traditions such as henna designing, tribal costumes, sheesha, smoking, Tanura, etc. You get a chance to witness the rich cultural heritage and inspiring Bedouin traditions, on your way to camel riding, skidding or dune bashing.

Mesmerizing Photo-snapping Locations

The entire desert is accompanied well by numerous locations that are ideal for taking photographs. You can enjoy yourselves and take pictures along with your family and friends that are accompanying you. Al-Awir, Al-Lahab, and Liwa Oasis are some of the preferred destinations for photography, with breathtaking views and different recreational activities.

Short and Memorable Trip

The best part about choosing an early morning desert safari is the fact that it does not consume much of your time. You just need to spend 4 to 5 hours and you will be fully satisfied with your trip. You don’t have to spend long hours checking out different locations and finding spots for recreational activities.

Why Choose Us as Your Morning Desert Safari Tour Agency?

It’s time to take a break from your hectic routine and give yourself a chance to relive your life to the fullest and create lasting memories. With the Dubai Desert Safari company, we have got all your needs covered. Offering highly affordable rates and customized packages, we make it to the finest tour agency in Dubai that offers everything full of entertainment. Affordability, timeliness, and convenience are what sets us apart from others offering the same services.

We help you discover the unexplored locations that are waiting for you to acknowledge them. Our included activities are just a cherry on the top and make your trip an everlasting one. Booking your morning desert safari tour with us, you get the right slot according to your preferences, and witness a splendid experience. Better late than never, book up your next trip right now and cherish every moment of it, with the Dubai Desert Safari.

Morning Desert Safari Packages

camel ride desert dubai

Basic Package

Pick & Drop From Hotel

Sharing 4×4 Pick & Drop

quad bike dubai

Advance Package

Pick & Drop + Quad Bike

Sharing 4×4 Transfer


Quad Bike
Camel Riding
Dune Bashing
Sand Skiing

What’s include

Morning Desert Safari Tour includes the below mentioned activities.

Dune Bashing

Sand Boarding

Free Photography

Camel Ride


Some of the activities are not included in the package but you can buy them separately.

Quad Bike

Private Vehicle


Pick Up
6:00 AM - 6:30 AM
Drop Off
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
04:00 Hours Approx
Al Aweer & Al Lahbab Desert, Dubai

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Dress code for Desert Safari, anything specific to wear?

We recommend you to wear normal comfortable cloths.
For Boys: Shorts or Cotton Pants withT-Shirts.
For Girls: Shalwar Kamiz, or Pants & T-Shirts

How can I pay for Desert Safari Tour?

We recommend you to wear normal comfortable cloths.
For Boys: Shorts or Cotton Pants withT-Shirts.
For Girls: Shalwar Kamiz, or Pants & T-Shirts

How can I book the Private Desert Safari tour?

We recommend you to wear normal comfortable cloths.
For Boys: Shorts or Cotton Pants withT-Shirts.
For Girls: Shalwar Kamiz, or Pants & T-Shirts

Photography and Videogrpahy is allowed in Desert Safari?

There is no restrictions of photography while Kayaking at the Hatta Dam

Can I book Morning Safari tour on behalf of a Friend?

Yes, you can book on your family and friends behalf and we will do the rest.

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