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Hatta Tour Dubai (2023)

Hatta Tour From Dubai – Hatta is an ancient town located within a one-hour drive from Dubai City. Having said that, the town is full of breathtaking views, mountains, parks, etc. This is the reason that Hatta is becoming famous among the residents of Dubai and is an attraction for tourists.

Apart from the fascinating view, the town has got a Dam which is surrounded by steep mountains. The water here is pure blue and isn’t polluted at all. Apart from that, to enjoy this heavenly place, one can easily rent a kayak for exploring the dam.

Other than that Hatta also has a hill park that has greenery, football fields, and a lot of activities for kids here to enjoy. So, in case you’ve got a family to travel to the visit, Hill Park should be a priority for you.

Places to Visit in Hatta:

Some extraordinary places to visit in Hatta are as follows:

Kayaking in Hatta Dam

Hatta Dam located in the town is one of the most amazing sights you will be seeing for sure. The place is covered by mountains. Plus, the lake water is pure blue that you’ll be seeing your reflection in it.

Hatta dam visit offers kayaking as well. Kayaks are available at affordable packages both for individuals and for families. Kayaking in Hatta is a must to enjoy the dam from every perspective.

Once you are in the calm blue waters of Hatta Dam, all your stress and anxiety will vaporize as you’ll be drowning yourself in a heavenly place for sure.

Taking a Walk in Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta Dubai town is not just about fun. Once you are done with kayaking in the dam, head back towards the town to start backpacking for the heritage village. The ancient village gives an aesthetic pleasure as it is historical and all the cultural traditions are preserved in this village.

Exploring ancient weapons, ancient houses, and things used by old rulers are prominent traits offered by Hatta village. Other than that, you can also purchase ancient art as a memory of visiting Hatta.

Visit the place especially when people of Dubai are celebrating special occasions in the Heritage village. National UAE Day is an example in which this village is just looking like heaven.

Hatta Hill Park

Have you got a family while visiting Hatta? Then there isn’t any other place to enjoy other than Hill Park. The park is completely designed over the mountains. It has got long trees, greenery, and fascinating views to allow you and your family to relax in an ideal manner.

That being said, there are special BBQ places available in the park. Other than that the park includes football fields, walking tracks, and tennis courts as well. So, visiting Hatta Hill Park is not a bad idea at all. In fact, you will be able to give proper time to your family in one of the most calming places in Dubai.

Mountain Biking

Hatta has got mountain bike trails spread all across the mountains for you to enjoy a thrilling biking experience. One thing that will surprise you completely is that the trails offered for mountain biking have no fee at all.

You will find beginner, advanced and professional level trails for biking in the mountains. Other than that, in case you haven’t got a bike, renting options are thus available from the company.

Hatta Fort

Hatta Fort is indeed the highest point in Hatta that you can visit to watch scenic views of the town in the best possible manner.

Wadi Hub Centre

Last but not least, Hatta Wadi Hub Centre is now open for the visitors in Hatta as a new way to enjoy while visiting the place. The center includes ax-throwing, free falling, and bag jumping as the initial activities that visitors can enjoy.

However, as far as other activities are concerned, the administration is working their best to make them available as soon as possible.

Why Consider Going for the Hatta Tour?

One of the most aspiring things to do in life is to make memories out of the best trip of your life and to explore the less-visited places. Hatta tour is one of the most exciting places for the tourists, and the thing that attracts them to visit this place is the fact that it is located in close vicinity to Dubai. You just have to take a few minutes of drive to visit it.

Once you consider the trip, this one is going to be the most memorable one of your life, with a visit to spectacular places such as Hatta water damHatta kayakHatta park, and the very steep Hatta Mountains that will leave you in awe.

Experience kayaking in the all-beautiful and serene Hatta dam and indulge in the beauty of the nature that is calling you. Once you visit Hatta Mountain, you will find no better place. With so many things to do in Hatta, such as viewing the breathtaking sights, visiting football pitches, mountains, parks, and the heritage village, you are going to make the best out of your time.

The Serenity of Hatta Kayak and the Mountain

The best thing about going for the Hatta tour is the fact that it has many attractions to offer to people of all ages. Not only adults and adventure-seekers can enjoy it, but it is also an enjoyable experience for children of all ages. The ancient Hatta Mountain is a sight itself, offering a great number of dazzling sights. Sitting in the best suitable vehicle that runs smoothly over the rocky landscape, we make sure to add the convenience factor to its maximum, throughout your Hatta tour.


For those who enjoy being in the water, there is no better option than Hatta kayaking in the Hatta water dam. There is an option of a single or double ride available, with pedalo and donut boats offering different accommodation capacities. Surrounded by barriers, the Hatta dam water depicts the true reflection of the mountains, covered with the hazel blue pastels of the water.

Hatta Dam is a peaceful setting that is enough for providing you with a temporary escape from the tiresome daily life. There is also a conservation reserve in the mountain that offers shelter to endangered animals in the mountain vicinity.


For those who appreciate the ancient history, we take you to the Hatta tour Dubai heritage village that is one of the most antique villages in the town, formed around 300 BC. The greatest sight in these villages are the stone houses that are re-constructed, and the water wells that were a major source of water supply back then. You will also get a chance to go through various old photographs that truly depict the old life in Hatta and a museum consisting of the past exhibits, household tools, and weapons that completely give you an idea of how life was in Hatta in the early times.


Hatta Park is another breathtaking sight, residing over a mountain, offering a number of entertainment options to children, including playing range, different sports fields, and different running tracks. There is also a tower at the peak of the mountain, where you can climb up and view the entire village in a single glance. For those who love and endorse antique stuff, you can explore handicrafts in the traditional carpets showcased in the Hatta market, which itself is famous for the aromatic spices and savory food spots.

The lush Hatta Park also offers a swimming facility and is definitely the best place for everyone who wants to experience never-ending fun and entertainment, and spend quality time with their friends and family.

Why Our Hatta Tour Packages Are the Most Suitable?

Hatta is all about the adventure at outdoors, and if you are a fun-lover or a nature-freak, visiting this place is a must thing for you. The mountains are an ideal option for those looking for a great place to hike.

We offer a roller coaster ride to all individuals who love mountain climbing, water sports, or exploring the beauty of nature. With a number of affordable Hatta tour packages, we take pride in being the utmost priority for many tourists. Our mountains tour encompasses a smooth drive through the beautiful and heavenly mountains, all made up by the black sandstones.

We pour in all our efforts to make your trip the most memorable one, with Hatta tour packages that better fit your needs. With convenient pick and drop options, get ready to enjoy the best trip of your life, and explore the peaceful, lush surroundings of Hatta Dubai. With us, get ready to experience maximum comfort and relaxation while being on your trip to Hatta.

Why wait? Get your booking done straight away and witness an unlimited stream of fun and entertainment coming towards you!

Hatta Tour Packages

hatta dubai

Basic Package

Sightseeing Tour Only

Sharing 4×4 Pick & Drop

*Kids up to 3 Years are Free​

Pick & Drop From Standard Location

a boy do kayaking in hatta tour dubai

Advance Package

Sightseeing + Home Pickup

Sharing 4×4 Pick & Drop

*Kids up to 3 Years are Free​

Pick & Drop From Your Home or Hotel​

a boy do kayaking in hatta tour dubai

Premium Package

Sightseeing + Home Pickup

Private 4×4 Pick & Drop

*Kids up to 3 Years are Free​

Private Vehicle - Upto 5 Persons

What’s include

Hatta Tour includes the visit to the below mentioned places.

Pick & Drop

Drive Through Hajar Mountains

Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta Hill Park

Hatta Dam

Hatta Fort

Extra’s (Paid)

Below mentioned are not included in the package but you can buy them separately.

Hatta Kayak

Pedal Boats


Premium Services

Private Vehicle

Things to Remember

Terms & Conditions


Kayaking is Allowed in the Hatta Dam?

Kayaking is allowed and additionally paid AED 60 Per Person, at the Hatta Dam, and operated by another company in Hatta.

Can I pay by Credit Card for my Hatta Tour?

For Hatta Tour, you can either pay online by Paypal, or cash at the time of pickup.

How much time it takes to reach Hatta from Dubai?

Its 1 hour and 30 minutes Drive from Dubai to Hatta.

Photography is allowed at Hatta Dam?

There is no restrictions of photography while Kayaking at the Hatta Dam

Are there any options for Lunch or Refreshments in Hatta?

Our Advance Package is with Lunch at the Hatta Fort Hotel in Hatta, and you can also choose the Basic Package and choose the refreshments or Lunch with your choice at Hatta Fort Hotel directly

Does we can Swimming in Hatta Dam

Swimming is not Allowed, you can do kayaking, pedal boats etc. 

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hatta dubai

Hatta Tour
Basic Package

a boy do kayaking in hatta tour dubai

Hatta Tour
Advance Package

a boy do kayaking in hatta tour dubai

Hatta Tour
Premium Package