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Al Bateen Beach – Everything you should know about Ladies and Public Beach

Al Bateen Beach is one of the most popular beaches located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of your city life then take some time out to relax at Al Bateen Beach in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Al Bateen beach is 800 meters long and is a popular tourist destination. It is also referred to as Ladies Beach. The beach is located on the eastern side of Abu Dhabi Island and stretches for about 2 km. The beach is well-known for its cleanliness, calm waters and golden sand. The beach is the perfect place for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. The water here is shallow and clean, making it safe for children to swim in. People can also rent out paddle boats or jet skis on the beach.

You can enjoy swimming, water sports, and picnics on the beach. It is also popular with expats and locals. Whether you want to chill out or play volleyball, Al Bateen Beach Is a Great Place to Do It.

It’s a public beach and anyone can come here for swimming or for other recreational activities. The water here is quite clean and calm making it a great place for snorkeling. This beach offers the best sunset view in the city which makes it ideal for spending time with friends or family members during weekends or holidays etc. If you are looking for some adventure then this is the ideal place for you because there are many restaurants and bars near this beach which offer various water sports like jet skiing, parasailing and kayaking etc.

Does Al Bateen Beach Only for Families and a Ladies Beach?

Al Bateen Beach ladies side view

This beach have two portions, 1st for public and second one for Ladies. Boys over 6 years are not allowed to enter in Ladies Area. The main portion of the beach is free for public use, while separate areas are reserved for females and families. The free beach can get crowded during peak hours, but there are lifeguards on duty until the sun sets. The shallow water makes the beach suitable for young kids.

Al bateen beach timings and Fee

The beach has facilities and a licensed restaurant. The beach is popular for its raucous weekends, but is a peaceful retreat for couples during the week. There are also day passes available. Al Bateen Beach timings is different for Public beach and for Ladies Beach.

Timings and Pricing are as follows:

Al bateen ladies beach

      • Pricing: AED 25 will be charged for Adults and children aged 3 to 11 years will charge 5 AED.

      • Timing: Al Bateen Ladies Beach opening time is 8.00 am to 9.00 pm daily.

    Al bateen Public Beach

        • Pricing:  Free Entrance

        • Timing: Al bateen beach opening time is 8.00 AM and closing time until Sunset.

      Al bateen family beach

      family enjoying at Al Bateen Beach

      The area also features a women-only section of the shoreline. The beach is ideal for families to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun. This beach is perfect for families, and is very pack on weekends. It features golden sand, clean showers, and sunshades for rent. There are also cafes and kayak rentals available right on the beach. Best of all, there is no admission fee! There is also plenty of parking at the beach.

      Near By Attractions of Al Bateen Beach

      There are many hotels located near Al Bateen Beach, including several five-star resorts like InterContinental Abu Dhabi Hotel and Emirates Palace Hotel. The beach is also near several popular attractions, including Shaikh Zayed Mosque and the Emirates Palace. It’s a great place for people to relax and unwind after a day of sightseeing.

      Al Bateen beach Abu Dhabi is located on the west coast of Abu Dhabi and features a beautiful view of Hudayriat Island. The waters are calm and clean, making it an ideal beach for swimming and fishing.

      Why Al Bateen Beach Abu Dhabi is a Great Place for Snorkeling?

      The water here is quite clean and calm making it a great place for snorkeling. The reef is not overly crowded, so you can go at your own pace without being bothered by other swimmers or snorkelers, that’s way this beach is considering as a best place for Snorkeling.

      There are also many fish swimming around in the ocean, so you may see some amazing sightings if you’re patient enough! And if you’re not into swimming or snorkeling, there are plenty of other activities available like kayaking or parasailing which costs extra.

      Al Bateen Beach Offers The Best Sunset View In The City.

      beautiful sunset view at Al Bateen Beach

      If you’re looking for the best sunset view in Abu Dhabi, then Al Bateen Beach is the place to be. If you’re looking for a romantic spot where your partner can enjoy their own time while they watch the sunset together, then Al Bateen Beach might be just what you need!

      This beach offers a beautiful sky with clouds and lights that makes it perfect for sunset photography. It’s also warm enough that you can enjoy your time at this popular location without having to worry about getting too cold or too hot.

      The beach is split into sections, and lifeguards patrol the waters. The beach also has gazebos, sun loungers, and day beds for rental. It also has over 100 parking spaces. There is something for everyone at Al Bateen. You can even hire a beach service and take your beach experience to the next level.

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      Best Hotels Near By Al Bateen Hotel

      If you are looking for a hotel near al bateen beach, then we have a few recommendations. There are many hotels which are located near this beach where you can stay during your trip to Abu Dhabi. The hotels offer a range of accommodation options and services, ranging from budget-friendly hostels to high-end luxury hotels. All these hotels are located in the city center or near the airport.

      The highlight of staying at any al bateen beach hotel is its location. You will have an amazing view of waves breaking onto shore as well as being able to enjoy some time relaxing on this great destination for families and couples alike.

          1. The first is the Etihad Towers Hotel which is located right on the edge of the famous Abu Dhabi Corniche. This hotel offers amazing views of the city and has many facilities such as swimming pools, gyms and saunas for guest use.

          1. The second is the Radisson Blu Hotel which is located right across from al bateen beach. This hotel offers many facilities such as a swimming pool, gym and sauna for guest use.

          1. The third is the Kempinski Hotel which is also located right on the edge of the Abu Dhabi Corniche and has many facilities such as swimming pools, gyms and saunas for guest use.

          1. The fourth is the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel which is located right next to the Abu Dhabi Corniche and has many facilities such as swimming pools, gyms and saunas for guest use. The fifth is the Crowne Plaza Hotel which is located near the Abu Dhabi Corniche and has many facilities such as swimming pools, gyms and saunas for guest use.

        How to Get Al Mateen Beach Abu Dhabi by Public Transport

        You can reach easily by Bus 40 transit line that passes near the Al Bateen Beach.

        Bus stations near Al Bateen Beach Abu Dhabi

        The Nearest Bus station is Al Khaleej Al Arabi ST / Public Station it will let you to the Beach by only 15 minutes’ walk.

        Al Bateen Beach Location


        For a quiet and relaxing day on the beach, Al Bateen is one of the best places in Abu Dhabi. This beach is protected from the sun and offers a panoramic view of the city. You can even go kayaking or take a walk with your pets. Although fishing is prohibited here, there are large fish here and the water is clean and safe for swimming.

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